Thursday, December 24, 2009

Some Christmas Bling

... if, like me, you can't get up the Christmas spirit on your own this year, these designer Christmas trees just might do the trick. This Hermes one is my favorite. Probably because it looks less like a tree and more like a dream fort, the perfect hideaway, the perfect Narnia-style portal. Especially with that ethereal (read: slightly frightening) glow emitting from within!

Soon this 9-hour Christmas Eve shift will be over and I can escape to my own little family bubble, where we will smoosh onto the couch and read the hilariously 80s edition of The Night Before Christmas, and stare at the colored lights until they blur and it's bedtime. And then in the morning there will be Vivaldi and coffee cake and stockings to exclaim over. It is gift enough* to have this one last childhood Christmas with my family, though none of us are children anymore.

What traditions do you look forward to most?

Generic seasonal tidings,


*just kidding, Santa

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