Friday, June 26, 2009

givin' up on vegetarianism

In the interest of continuing to provide my faithful readers with aesthetic delights, photographs of stunning objects that engage that part of you that is daily suppressed, but still knows how to fantasize, how to dream... I present you with this mesmerizing series of photos posted by Jak & Jil Blog.

Translation: Enjoy the beefcake, ladies!



Thursday, June 25, 2009

lasers, bowlers, hostels, oh my!

For awhile now I've been promising a post featuring photos of my jewelry pieces. Today was the day I would finally deliver... until I discovered that my camera not only had very low battery, but is also suddenly incapable of focusing on small objects. Cross your fingers that this was a momentary glitch, please. In the meantime I'll have to satisfy us all with this single photo, taken by my teacher, Laurie Peters. It's a bit washed-out, but it gets the message across. It's my third and final piece, a pendant.

The book cover is made of copper, the keyhole is cast silver, the bookmark is silver as well, and the pages (not featured here) are nugold. Hopefully I'll be able to get up some more pictures, both of this piece and the others, soon.
On a related note, I welded with a laser today! It was very, very cool. I have an acquaintance who is a local jeweler, and he was kind enough to show me around the studio, answer a few questions, and showed me how to use a laserwelder. It was a moment of intense heat, and then it was done, the two rings were fused together. I can't wait to tell my geek scientist boyfriend.

you may have the get-up, but I've got lasers

Hmm, I probably should've checked with him before I uploaded that gem... ah well. Haha!

Lastly, I'm wishing I had expendable income, because this piece by Danny Robert (the guy who does those great bloglovin' illustrations) has got me drooling:

Now that it's quite clear I'll be living with the folks for a good chunk of time, I'm wishing I had made more of an effort the past four years to make my room my own. The walls are bare (though a lovely rusty/eggplant shade, much nicer than it sounds), except for a nice photo I tore from a Nylon magazine yesterday and taped to the wall. Sigh, it's a start.

Back to -- I'm trying to work out an affordable
NYC weekend in late July for two MJSA shows and a brief reunion with Apron Boy (above). It'll coincide nicely with the Red Sox tickets my dad scored for the following Monday on the Budweiser Pavilion at Fenway. Amtrak and I have become best friends these past few years....

Until next time,