Monday, February 22, 2010


Having a bit of a 'staycation', as my mom calls it. I call it 'making do'. Expect photos in about a week. Until then, a bit of an escape for the rest of you trapped at home. (February's hard.)

It just makes me so happy.

This one's for my girls. Remember when?

It's all a matter of perspective.
yet again, via Design is Mine

This is as scary, and as beautiful, as it gets.


Sunday, February 14, 2010


Oh, right -- that's what the Postal Service is for. Thank you, Mr. Postman.

a perfect window display


To Take Flight

This holiday always affects me more than expected. Wings would be nice, today. But I'm earth-bound, with 570 miles between me and the one I love. Google tells me it would take almost 8 days to walk to him. I guess they probably aren't allowing for sleep or snack breaks, either. Still, some days I am tempted to make like Forrest Gump and just go.

What a strange little video.

What a lovely little video.

What a sweet little shirt.

Happy Valentine's Day. I hope you have love and chocolate today.


Monday, February 8, 2010


Tonight, a few things that get my heart beating a little faster, and might incite a little sigh.

the tenderness, concentration, and quietness
that this must have required... beautiful.

imagine sitting on a balcony or patio
with the one you love, drinking
twin cups of tea, silently reveling
in the new day.

there's something so beautiful about
antique blueprints... but of the
Eiffel Tower? Lethal dose of romance.

and, just in case you've been living under a rock the past week or so:

it's strange to think of all the things
we know and do and think in relation
to our Google habits...
this one is less romantic and more bizarre,
in my opinion.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Valentine's Day

Now, I've never cared much one way or the other for Valentine's Day. For the third year in a row I'm going to be celebrating* an anniversary just three days after V-day, so the Hallmark-tainted holiday has even less bearing on me than in the past. However, I am ALL for romance, gifts, and not-so-subtle hints for boyfriends, so I will be doing a few themed posts in the next couple weeks. Today's theme is: gifts!

I know there's a lot of penny-pinching these days, so I thought I'd focus on what I consider to be the most fundamental of Valentine's Day gifts: the card. Just a reminder that you're a leading lady in someone's daydreams is often gift enough.

Classic Romance: calligraphy expressing your own
sweet sentiments, adorned with smooching swallows.

Semi-sweet: last one a little too saccharine for your taste?
This card's sure to inspire a smile.

Naughty&Nice: this card gracefully expresses how much you love
to hump your partner, through the ingenious use of
adorable bunnies as distraction from the lack of any real sentiment.

Natural Lovin': this delicate illustration doubles as Valentine and gift,
just put it in a frame and you're done!

And in lieu of any of these, remember, just a page of college-ruled paper and some sincere sentiments scribbled down will do the trick. In my mind at least, Valentine's Day is one day when the adage 'It's the thought that counts' absolutely rings true.**


* sel-uh-breyt: to work a double-shift, read blogs all day, and eat obscene amounts of candy in an attempt to forget that your love is halfway across the country.
** That being said, I would cringe if anyone (other than my middle-school boyfriend) gave me a sandwich bag of flour ('heh, get it? flower?') and the smallest-ever Russell Stover box of chocolates. Poor guy.

new inspiration

I discovered Design*Sponge just a week or so ago, and I can't decide which emotion is stronger, the frustration that I haven't been reading it forever, or the giddiness that such a blog exists.

I wish I knew how to manipulate and coordinate such bold colors as these:

I love the stools best.

Not that I would if I could. I think this is much more my speed:

The cabinets are perfect.

You should click through and take a look at the rest of the photos, both of these houses are impossibly beautiful.