Monday, February 1, 2010

Valentine's Day

Now, I've never cared much one way or the other for Valentine's Day. For the third year in a row I'm going to be celebrating* an anniversary just three days after V-day, so the Hallmark-tainted holiday has even less bearing on me than in the past. However, I am ALL for romance, gifts, and not-so-subtle hints for boyfriends, so I will be doing a few themed posts in the next couple weeks. Today's theme is: gifts!

I know there's a lot of penny-pinching these days, so I thought I'd focus on what I consider to be the most fundamental of Valentine's Day gifts: the card. Just a reminder that you're a leading lady in someone's daydreams is often gift enough.

Classic Romance: calligraphy expressing your own
sweet sentiments, adorned with smooching swallows.

Semi-sweet: last one a little too saccharine for your taste?
This card's sure to inspire a smile.

Naughty&Nice: this card gracefully expresses how much you love
to hump your partner, through the ingenious use of
adorable bunnies as distraction from the lack of any real sentiment.

Natural Lovin': this delicate illustration doubles as Valentine and gift,
just put it in a frame and you're done!

And in lieu of any of these, remember, just a page of college-ruled paper and some sincere sentiments scribbled down will do the trick. In my mind at least, Valentine's Day is one day when the adage 'It's the thought that counts' absolutely rings true.**


* sel-uh-breyt: to work a double-shift, read blogs all day, and eat obscene amounts of candy in an attempt to forget that your love is halfway across the country.
** That being said, I would cringe if anyone (other than my middle-school boyfriend) gave me a sandwich bag of flour ('heh, get it? flower?') and the smallest-ever Russell Stover box of chocolates. Poor guy.

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