Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wish List

Today I'll just be sharing some images of a few things I wish I possessed. This post started as a rather straightforward wish list, a few objects I would like to hunt down for myself someday. But then the list took on a new character, and now I'm left with a thoroughly disjointed, if beautiful, collection. I guess my New Years' mentality still hasn't worn off, or maybe it's just that the future is on my mind all the time now. Exciting things are happening, and I hope to share those with you soon. For now, a peek into my greedy little head:

a bookbook macbook cover. Brilliant, no?
via Oh Joy

a bold, colorful light fixture in the kitchen. This is totally trendy right now, I know...
but I think it's the type of trend that will be adored by the grandkids,
perceived as emblematic of the times. And shouldn't we embrace those trends?

a cheap, lovely trip abroad,
ala English Muse. Will definitely be taking her advice
and visiting VRBO when the time is right.

a chic home that flawlessly balances the sheen and glamour
of the modern, the nostalgia and whimsy of the past, and the raw beauty of nature.

finally, the confidence and character displayed by this man.


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