Monday, January 18, 2010

Co-ed vs. Chic?

Since first stumbling upon the blogosphere my horizons have been broadened, my tastes expanded, and my brain is now full up to the brim with beautiful words and images... and now, suddenly, I'm experiencing my first negative side effect: TOO MUCH PRETTY.

the dream of a fragile dress on a creamy wall

Let me step back and explain.

a wall of old photos and pretty things in antique frames
via sweethomestyle

In six or seven months I will be making my first move out on my own, ish. My boyfriend will also be there, in my new as-yet-unknown accommodations, and this is where my problem lies. Well, wait, that came out wrong. I can't wait to be living with my boyfriend, and making a lovely home for the two of us... but where do I draw the line with all the lovely and the pretty? Where will his video games and gadgets and other boyish nonsense go? I somehow doubt that he'll want to stash his PS2 in a vintage suitcase.

mm, I've already started collecting these beauties -- just one so far, but it's burgundy!

Everywhere I look, there's tones of pink and beige and ivory, heaps of pearls and tapestries and gauze, and there is that part of me that refuses to believe I won't have my own oasis of femininity. This part of me even feels occasional resentment toward this wonderful boy, for depriving me of the romantic boudoir of my daydreams. Clearly, this is insanity, because without him there would be no romance.

this one's a little too girly even for me
via sweethomestyle

I have found a few images (see below) of co-ed but chic spaces to aspire to, but does anyone out there have any recommendations for inspiration? I'm floundering in a sea of lace and baubles, help!
the portrait's a little over the top, but I love the couch among all those neutrals
via sweethomestyle

it is one of my life goals to own a screen as perfect as this one



  1. I can see how this might be a problem. Maybe you could find some inspiration here:

    That photographer takes a series of photos of the living spaces of artists, designers, etc, many of whom are couples.

  2. i want my home to look like a microphones song would look if it was a room. so, quilts, film photographs, bookshelves, traditional tones

  3. Kate, how had I not stumbled onto the Selby before?? Thank you, it's awesome.

    Maureen, you think this is news to me? Ha. <3 u grlfrnd



  5. Ohh, I love that. I would be able to make such cozy hearty food in the kitchen, you can tell that's all that's made in there. Except I wouldn't be able to reach any of my pots. Do you think those rolly library ladders would be hazardous in a kitchen?

  6. I can see that we have similar tastes... I'm a shabby chic girl but I enjoy repurposing items around the house. I dream of my dream living space but have yet to create it... it's hard when you move every 2 years...
    I love the dream though.

  7. i hope that you will both enjoy plenty of color in your new place. i fear that too much lace, petals, pearls could have a "mrs. havisham effect" which is decidedly not the look of chic 20-something lovebirds. plenty of time for all that when the time comes. my best, von

  8. *miss havisham! hello spinster? plz. excuse my faux pas i have swine flu.