Thursday, August 13, 2009


At long last, I have photographs of the pieces of jewelry I made earlier this summer. Without further ado:

You can't tell from this photo, but the stone is
a deep green, with little orange-red flecks. Clearly, this one is Pond.

The concept behind this one was Fiddlehead, but I didn't really get the shape I liked, in the end.
Still, I'm proud of that tiny bezel, and the way the bracelet loops perfectly around my wrist.
Again, the stone is green, but you can't really tell.

This one you've seen before. This was my final piece, another pendant.

I still haven't found a chain for either of my pendants, but I'm optimistic. I've contemplated stringing the latter on to a piece of black velvet ribbon entwined with a gold filler chain, but I think I'll keep searching for the perfect chain before I give in to that easy fix.

For now I'm without a space to continue working, but I've taken to carrying a sketch book with me to work, and keeping it on my nightstand, so I'll become a little more accustomed to drawing out my ideas. Haven't seen much improvement yet, but hopefully I'll be able to express myself a little better as time passes.

And that's all for today. Off for a week-long jaunt to the Garden State, then back to reality -- just in time for my mom and sister to go back to school and leave me all by my lonesome.

It's going to be a long, lonely descent into the endless Vermont winter; any distractions welcome. More boldly put, have I got any readers yet??

love to the anonymous (imaginary) masses,



  1. re: i dont know who had made the quote originally, but i found it here:

  2. those pendants are beautiful. very art deco-y. i took a jewelry/metal-working class in college and it was so hard!!! the amount of planning required was daunting to me (planning in not my strong suit). are you still making jewelry? also i'm terribly jealous you are going to tucked away in VT for the winter. that sounds romantic and cozy and divine....

    xoxxoooxox mary catherine

  3. Unfortunately I'm not making jewelry, and haven't since the summer. I hope to use the studio up at UVM during the spring semester, whenever I can get the time, but we'll see what my work schedules have to say about that... :(

    And as for winter in VT, so far it's been frustratingly snow-free, though it's been below zero a few times this week. Looks like we might get a snowstorm on Christmas Day though.... :)