Saturday, May 2, 2009


I cannot believe it is May already. Not only that, but there are only nine days between this lovely Saturday and that long awaited Monday: the day when I will graduate from college.

In the interim, I must write one last paper and take two last exams... and then, I'm done. Done? Done.

To quote OMC, how bizarre.

Are you, too, looking for distractions from the bittersweet beauty of this young green spring?

Head on over to Feed Your Soul: the Free Art Project, and download yourself some beautiful, unique, quirky pieces to decorate your dorm room or otherwise. Predictably, perhaps, the Tricia McHellar piece is my favorite, with the Elsita Mora and the Michele Maule as close runners-up.

If you're feeling the spring cleaning impulse, head on over to Charade (you can always find a link to this great blog under Emily's Favorites in the right sidebar) for another invaluable installation of The Dream Style Series, entitled Getting Organized. Lord knows I should (get organized, that is) -- but hey, I'll be packing up to go soon enough. Ugh, need more distractions, and fast....

Nope, can't do anything but succumb to this irritating wave of nostalgia. Well, I'll leave you with a shot of the brilliant fireworks witnessed a couple weekends ago in Louisville:

A lovely weekend to all,


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